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riklogo-200Welcome to Rungsted Ishockey Klub’s international homepage
Rungsted Ishockey Klub is one of the top ice hockey clubs in the Copenhagen area. We are an old club – founded in 1941 – with strong traditions. We are the “farmer” club of Rungsted Seier Capitals.

We invite foreigners to join our club and become part of our ‘ice-hockey family’ for a shorter or longer period. If you are moving to Denmark or staying in Denmark, and share our passion for the game, please contact us, so that we can arrange an informal meeting and a try-out with one of our teams.

Our philosophy is that we make room for all players at all levels: Ice hockey can be played for fun, but at the same time we provide a challenging environment for those who want to be very focused and serious about their game.

RIK is part of the Canadian “Good Sport” program, as the first club outside Canada. The program is designed to ensure proper behaviour in our ‘hockey family’, and define the expected behavior by parents, referees, coaches and players.

In the past years we have had players from America and Canada playing here for 1, 2 or 3 seasons. These children have felt welcome, and have enjoyed and developed their game. RIK players and parents were pleased with the cultural exchange, which benefited both parties.

We can provide the necessary support for those newcomers that do not speak Danish on and off the ice, insuring that the children will be integrated in their team. Several of the J7, J9 and J11 players have English speaking parents, and from J13 and up most of the children speak English.

RIK is situated in Hørsholm/Rungsted in the northern part of Copenhagen. Most foreigners reside in the northern part of Copenhagen, within a radius of 15 kilometers. Hørsholm International School is less than 10 minutes away from the arena.

Below you will find a list of the junior teams in RIK including a short description.

Please feel free to contact me directly or one of the team managers.

Kind regards

Thomas Nistrup
Chairman of the board

Thomas Nistrup

Teams in RIK

We have teams for the following ages:

Junior 7-9: For players younger then 9 years.
Junior 11: For players younger then 11 years.
Junior 13: For players younger then 13 years.
Junior 15: For players younger then 15 years.
Junior 17: For players younger then 17 years.
Junior 20: For players younger then 20 years.
1st. Division:   For adult players.

RIK - Rungsted Ishockey Klub